Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Skip Viewability, Play Sensibly

 Install one game on your smartphone and within a few seconds an ad will divert you to another game. Ads are flooding on mobile games and every other game is fighting for visibility. But are these ads taking the profile of the user into consideration? Do they achieve anything beyond just viewability? Are they targeted rightly? Perhaps not.

Marketers, who used to spend a good share of their advertising budget on ad films and press advertisements have shifted their focus to the digital platform thinking they could do wonders at a cheap price! For a long time, they weren't diverting their ad budgets into the digital space. But, things have changed now and more and more people are living in the smart new mobile world. Clients are putting a lot of time and money into strategy, content, planning, etc. And when investing heavily on this front, they would certainly want to be seen in an engaging manner.

Viewability of an ad is critical. But it should go a little beyond that. The way forward should be targeted tracking of a user and approach them with ads that really stand a chance of being consumed. When all the apps take consumer permission to access their data before running the installation, it’s not very difficult to track their likes or dislikes and serve them according to their lifestyle and consumption habits.

So, the point is – while the advertising fraternity continues to create ads that are creative, evoke an emotion and address consumer expectations, the airing of the same must be done strategically by harnessing the power of data and reaching the desired target audience. Or else, the ads will soon be infected with a chronic ailment called ‘Skip Ad’.