Sunday, May 10, 2015

Once a viral hit, always a hit!

Coke rides on the success of the sensational hit “Why This Kolaveri Di” song. Released in the year 2011, the song had made viral waves across the world with 92 million views on YouTube.
Enter 2015; Coke airs its commercial with the Turkish cover version of the song.

The three-minute video is fun to hear and might as well become a viral hit among a newer audience.

Viral or Promotional
A lot of people wish their videos become a viral hit, but what’s the recipe of a perfect viral video? The beauty of a viral video is that, it evokes an emotion. It should be stunning in terms of music, content, and performance. A classic example is – the Gangnam Style. The moment you load the video with too much information about the brand and too many repeated appearances of the logo or the product, it becomes a promotional video, which might not receive the same acceptance as the viral ones.

A minimum guarantee of success
If the Coke video gets a good amount of likes and shares in its target market, the major reason could be the track. And in the non-targeted markets, it would still stand a chance to get more eyeballs due to the curiosity factor of the viewers to watch the new take on the original song.

Well, the other aspect one could look into is - the undying viral potential of a yesteryear viral video. The airing of the new video would certainly stimulate a viewer to listen to the 2011 hit song, once again. And may be, 4 years down the lane, Coke would build further on this video or the South Indian team would come up with a sequel to create the viral of the viral!