Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Skip Viewability, Play Sensibly

 Install one game on your smartphone and within a few seconds an ad will divert you to another game. Ads are flooding on mobile games and every other game is fighting for visibility. But are these ads taking the profile of the user into consideration? Do they achieve anything beyond just viewability? Are they targeted rightly? Perhaps not.

Marketers, who used to spend a good share of their advertising budget on ad films and press advertisements have shifted their focus to the digital platform thinking they could do wonders at a cheap price! For a long time, they weren't diverting their ad budgets into the digital space. But, things have changed now and more and more people are living in the smart new mobile world. Clients are putting a lot of time and money into strategy, content, planning, etc. And when investing heavily on this front, they would certainly want to be seen in an engaging manner.

Viewability of an ad is critical. But it should go a little beyond that. The way forward should be targeted tracking of a user and approach them with ads that really stand a chance of being consumed. When all the apps take consumer permission to access their data before running the installation, it’s not very difficult to track their likes or dislikes and serve them according to their lifestyle and consumption habits.

So, the point is – while the advertising fraternity continues to create ads that are creative, evoke an emotion and address consumer expectations, the airing of the same must be done strategically by harnessing the power of data and reaching the desired target audience. Or else, the ads will soon be infected with a chronic ailment called ‘Skip Ad’.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Treading on the Trending Topic

Treading on the Trending Topic

A sensational news or event becomes a trending topic for discussions on social media platforms. Messages on a public interest topic not only keep people informed, but also entertained.

Marketers realize the potential of a trending topic and look for interesting ways to be involved in the conversations. So, what’s in it for them? Well, the answer is simple – get extra shares, likes in social media, and probably get a boost in the search engine ranking.

A topic that hit the social platform recently was on eradication of pay inequality, wherein people started posting their salary figures under the Twitter handle #TalkPay. The discussion became an instant hit with nearly 1300 people posting their salaries and the hashtag received almost 12000 mentions.

While we are in an age where people are banking on trending topics to maximize their presence online, here’s how you can make the most of it.

Be a step ahead, always
On the social channels, it’s tough to predict what will be the next buzzing topic. But, there are certain things one can be confident about and plan how to converse about the same and connect with the brand, in a more holistic manner – like sporting events, festivals, anniversaries, etc.

Add Fun and Value
It’s easy to associate with a trending subject. But, to get more and valuable engagement, it is important to be relevant with the brand in a fun way.

Enter Early
The earlier one enters the conversation, the more visibility the brand can achieve. Perhaps #TalkPay received more responses due to the early entry in the day.

Content Insights
Trending topics give good insights to the content developers. The messages posted talk about what people really like or hate. It’s a great source to understand the style of conversation and helps the developer to create content that would align better with audience.

How social media channels handle trending topics?

The trends are customized for the user and are based on the people/brands they follow. Here, a user can choose to see trends by a specific geographic location.

The trending topics, which a user will find on his/her news feed page, are based on the factors like the pages a user has liked, the location and generally what’s trending on Facebook.
Facebook allows a user to customize trending topics by hiding those topics he/she doesn’t want to see.

Google +
The users have the freedom to search within their own posts, circles or the entire Google+ network.

Trend-Search Tools

Check out top trending hashtags on Twitter for any location in the world.

Google Trends
A powerful tool to research on what the world is looking for at a particular time.

Get a deeper view into what is being said on a particular topic. This is also a good tool to research on the availability of a potential future hashtag.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Once a viral hit, always a hit!

Coke rides on the success of the sensational hit “Why This Kolaveri Di” song. Released in the year 2011, the song had made viral waves across the world with 92 million views on YouTube.
Enter 2015; Coke airs its commercial with the Turkish cover version of the song.

The three-minute video is fun to hear and might as well become a viral hit among a newer audience.

Viral or Promotional
A lot of people wish their videos become a viral hit, but what’s the recipe of a perfect viral video? The beauty of a viral video is that, it evokes an emotion. It should be stunning in terms of music, content, and performance. A classic example is – the Gangnam Style. The moment you load the video with too much information about the brand and too many repeated appearances of the logo or the product, it becomes a promotional video, which might not receive the same acceptance as the viral ones.

A minimum guarantee of success
If the Coke video gets a good amount of likes and shares in its target market, the major reason could be the track. And in the non-targeted markets, it would still stand a chance to get more eyeballs due to the curiosity factor of the viewers to watch the new take on the original song.

Well, the other aspect one could look into is - the undying viral potential of a yesteryear viral video. The airing of the new video would certainly stimulate a viewer to listen to the 2011 hit song, once again. And may be, 4 years down the lane, Coke would build further on this video or the South Indian team would come up with a sequel to create the viral of the viral!