Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A dancing green signal for advertising ideas created around people

A giant billboard next to the traffic signal can pull the attention, but how often does it really get you involved? That’s where ambient media advertising or guerilla marketing steals the show. This is a unique way of attracting attention and can be found at unusual places on unusual platforms. Basically, these types of ads make people think about a product or service in a different manner.

When typical advertising campaigns use billboards, guerrilla marketing applies unconventional methods to engage the audience. This technique is utilized by brands to establish an emotional connect with the people and surprise them too. Guerilla marketing breaks the usual pattern of seeing the brand, it creates enough buzz and delivers an enhanced and personal experience.

A recent activity by the brand Smart, a mini electric car manufacturer inspired a change in the behavioral pattern of pedestrians using the road. The insight came from the fact that people generally don’t like to wait at the red signals and it’s boring to stare at the motionless red figure. This triggered the brand to come up with an activity that communicated the message in an engaging and entertaining manner.

The idea was to make the pedestrian crossing sign dance in the red light signal and educate pedestrians to cross the road in a safe manner. For a brand that works to innovate and provide great ideas for urban mobility, the activity has done pure justice.

The result was amazing, people started staring at the dancing human sign, motionless, which is precisely the point of red light signals.

This activity is a simple reminder for the advertising and marketing fraternity to conceive ideas that are crafted keeping humans in mind. View the brand’s new campaign, #WhatAreYouFor, aimed at making life in a city a lot easier and safer.

Live video of a guerilla marketing activity also has the potential of going viral. Video sharing is gaining pace and the year 2014 witnessed a boom in video consumption. To get an in-depth view of the video sharing trends, read Social Video Trends for Brands in 2015.