Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Impact of Responsive Web Design in Search Engine Ranking and Visitor Flow

Location: United Arab Emirates
With numerous mobile devices being introduced every day in different sizes, many businesses are beginning to recognize the importance of making their website easily navigable to the people that use mobile devices to access them. You can choose either of the two ways in which this can be made possible for your visitors. You may want to have a separate mobile website for visitors that use mobile devices to access your website or make your original website in a responsive web design. Out of these options, the latter is the best option in terms of the SEO value it can add to your website.

Why is it so?
  • Search engines rank your website based on the content. Though it will be good to have a mobile website, it will duplicate your content, which in turn will divide the value of it.
  • Links that appear on your website add more power to it and when you have the same links on both your mobile website and the original version, it is going to reduce the power to half.
  • The mobile version may not cover the tablet screens completely and your original website might look too complicated on a tablet.
For these three important reasons, it is advisable to have your website in a responsive design rather than having a separate mobile website. 

Responsive Web design company Dubai
Responsive Web Design

Load Time Benefits
When you have a responsive design for your website, it loads faster than otherwise. Now that Google has announced that they are going to consider the load times of the websites to determine the ranking, responsive design has become the most preferable option among the developers. More importantly, you can have all or most of the important elements of the PC version of the website, giving the users a very similar experience. Google’s spiders will surely appreciate this user-friendly quality of your website and enter your URL in their good books. 

Impact on Visitor Flow
As more users are starting to use mobile devices every day, you can get more visitors if you have a website with a responsive web design. Having a mobile version would compel them to download an app, which they won’t probably prefer doing. Therefore, your website can get more traffic if it has a responsive design.
Thus, you get to enjoy many advantages if you choose a responsive web design over mobile websites. In addition, you can get steady and increased traffic from all kinds of visitors. Plus, your visitors get the same satisfactory experience on a responsive website because they get to use all the features seamlessly.