Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Legends aren't born... They are 'Dropped'!

Imagine you were off to board a flight to meet your family or maybe an important client or to cut that important deal. If you were offered an alternative blind destination at the cost of your original plan, would you be adventurous enough to grab the challenge, especially if it was an all expense paid trip? That's exactly what Heineken's new airport stunt is all about.

Twice during the week, Wieden + Kennedy in New York set up a board at JFK's Terminal 8 and dared travelers to play "Departure Roulette"—changing their destination to a more exotic location with the press of a button. They had to agree to drop their existing travel plans—without knowing the new destination first—and immediately board a flight to the new place.

The game is inspired by "Dropped," the new Heineken campaign that launched a month ago from W+K Amsterdam in which four men are sent to remote destinations and film their adventures.