Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Facebook Timeline For Brand Pages Arrives!

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Ahead of a big presentation to marketers in New York to introduce the new Facebook Ads, Facebook introduced the new Pages for brands that match the style of the Timeline profile pages. Brands have been eagerly awaiting the new pages, which offer a much more visually appealing look to replace the current utilitarian design.

When you visit a brand Page in Timeline layout, the experience becomes more personal. A prominently displayed section on the landing page shows how many of your friends like the brand, as well as your friends’ public mentions of related topics.

Checking out the new Manage Permissions tab on the backend, you’ll see that quite a few options have been removed, while a few new features have appeared. While posting ability for fans is still the same – posting to the timeline, or adding photos and videos – you now have a little bit more control over the visibility, administrators now have the ability to review content on the page before it is displayed. Meanwhile, the option to manage your own translations has disappeared from the list.

The Brand Impakt Timeline Layout

However, it would appear that, with the introduction of the Facebook timeline for brand pages, there are a few features that will no longer be available. With just one month left for Facebook page admins to get their content in order for the new layout, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the landing tabs have been killed. The immensely popular landing tab, which has been used to introduce potential fans to your brand, has been used for giveaways, will become a thing of the past. While the extra tabs that you could add to your Facebook page are no longer available, you can display your apps next to your profile picture, along with photos, likes and more.

Facebook is making premium ads simpler, so “anything you can do on your Page, you can do in ads.” And those ads, which can be photos, videos, questions, status updates, events, or links, can then be shown not only to fans, but to anyone on Facebook.

We are awaiting new features that Facebook will be releasing (mostly around advertising) as the day goes on and gearing up for the big switch over, but for now here is a look at some of the new pages from from around the world.