Monday, July 11, 2011

Do you 'get' branding?

Alot of companies contact us with the most important step they feel that needs to be taken - branding or re-branding their business. Most of the time the wish list is so inspiring, that just to be a part of it, seems a fulfilling idea in itself.

And then, the million dollar curtain is dropped, to reveal the budget which will put your average logo factory offers to shame. My question is, how many companies really 'get' branding? We know that 'Al-Qaeda' got some of it - Just to admit that they had a branding and pr problem requires some understanding of branding.

What would it take for a CEO or the Board of Directors to invest more in branding than they would spend on their branded suit and the fancy cars?

Being an Advertising Agency in Dubai, we come across a lot of businesses looking forward for a re-branding concept without even a budget that would buy them a decent bike. So, is re-branding all about changing the shape and colour of a logo?